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Why come to Paul The Computer Guy for training?

At Paul The Computer Guy, we’re not just experts at fixing computers; we also know what the heck we’re doing when it comes to training our clients to use their devices.


We can teach you how to:

  • Use Windows and Apple from the ground up, including time-saving shortcuts 

  • Use iCloud and other cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote

  • Name, organize, and move around your files and folders

  • Create secure passwords and keep track of them all

  • Navigate the Internet, including Facebook

  • Switch from PC to Mac, or vice versa, without tearing your hair out

  • Master the latest Windows 8 and Windows 10

  • Manage, share, and back up your photos

  • Master a new email system

  • Perform basic maintenance on your computer

Meet Micah, our Training Guy.


No one is more patient or adept at translating high-tech mumbo jumbo into plain English than our training specialist, Micah Gooch. "Technology moves at light speed, and it can feel like a whirlwind," says Micah. "It's a great feeling to bring someone up to speed so they can get around this crazy high-tech world by themselves.”

Don't tear your hair out!
We'll train you on your computer in no time!

"Turning over our IT support to Paul the Computer Guy and his team has been a tremendous help in keeping my team productive and focused on
what we do."

—Greg Fowler, CPA, CFP