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Serving Central Oregon Since 2004


About Paul The Computer Guy

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At Paul The Computer Guy, we strive to be the most reliable, responsive and friendliest computer-support company serving Central Oregon.


A few facts about us: 

  • We have the best Yelp and Google reviews in town

  • We are Apple and Comp-TIA certified

  • We’re the only locally owned business servicing both PCs and Macs on an on-site and drop-in basis

  • We often hear, “You guys really do know what the heck you’re doing!”


We serve as an on-demand IT department for numerous businesses in town and develop lasting relationships with our clients.


We keep our clients aware of new technology that can help them operate more efficiently and focus on what they do best.

Meet Our Team

Paul Spencer, owner

A hands-on owner and certified technician, Paul keeps a close eye on the service his staff provides. He finds great satisfaction in solving difficult computer problems and continues to service many businesses himself. 


Before starting his own company, Paul worked for 10 years in the aerospace industry, developing computer systems for commercial aircraft.

Paul holds his staff to his own high standards and keeps current in the field to make sure his company’s clients receive the best technology. 

He and his wife, writer Suzanne Schlosberg, moved to Bend in 2004 and became avid Nordic skiers. Paul is also an enthusiastic mountain biker, backpacker, and downhiller. He loves snow camping with his twin boys, coaching their basketball team, and volunteering at their school.


A longtime bluegrass fan, Paul recently took up the banjo.

Micah Gooch, technicain

Micah is both our front-desk wizard and computer-training specialist.

Call or drop in to our shop in a panic and you’ll be greeted by his gentle, soothing “radio voice,” developed after years of working phone support as an Apple Certified Mac Technician.

“This job satisfies both my geeky, scientific side and my passion for helping people,” says Micah.
Low-Level Celebrity Endorses Paul

Do you know this guy? Eh, we didn't think so. Still, a celebrity endorsement is a celebrity endorsement.

"The Anti-Geeks of Computer Repair"

Quality of life attracted former software engineer Paul Spencer and his wife, author Suzanne Schlosberg, to Bend, as it has many others. But Spencer found it's also a good place to start a computer-repair business, as well as a great location to raise a family. . .

"Love Your Laptop Again"


Paul appears on the TV periodically to provide computer tips. Here's one of his appearances on Good Morning Central Oregon.

“Plus, instead of working for a giant company, feeling like a tiny microbe on an ant, I get to make a real difference.”

Micah grew up in Lake Tahoe but, no, he’s not a snowboarder — in fact, he doesn’t even like snow. He enjoys hiking, shooting photographs, listening to tech podcasts, and flying radio-controlled helicopters.

A foodie with a culinary degree, experience as an assistant pastry chef, and an aversion to “cheapo frosting,” Micah also makes the occasional trip to the “food cart utopia” in Portland.

Matt Benavente, technician


​If you call us out to your business or home, you’re likely to meet Matt Benavente, our on-site specialist and an all-around calm guy. “A lot of time people think their computer problem is the end of the world, but it isn’t as horrible as they expect it to be,” says Matt.

Matt honed his crisis-management skills at a large Kentucky company, where he single-handedly supported 600 sales reps nationwide, managing all manner of IT catastrophes involving laptops, cell phones, air cards, and receipt printers.

Matt has been obsessed with computers since 6th grade, when he saved up money working a Christmas Tree farm to buy his first computer, an IBM with two floppy drives.


A while back Matt started bowling to spend time with his daughter, a competitive bowler who works at a bowling alley. “Turned out, I’m pretty darned good,” says Matt, now a league bowler himself. Matt’s high game is 287 and average is 196. Wow!


Ryan Lewis, technician


Every once in a while, a problem is so baffling that even Paul The Computer Guy needs a computer guy.

That guy is Ryan Lewis.

“If he can’t fit it, no one can” says Paul. “He’s in a league of his own.”

Ryan says the jobs he likes most are the “strange” ones — “the ones that really challenge my brain” — and he performs his best when he’s multitasking. “I have a really good memory for technical details, and I can easily hop between computers. I’m working on 10 right now. I do it all the time.”

Ryan developed his skills as a teenage video-game fanatic. “I never had a good computer, so in order to play games, I always had to optimize what I had.”

Before joining Paul the Computer Guy, Ryan owned a computer-repair business, based in Sunriver.  He’s happy he no longer has to run his own show. “Fixing computers is a lot more fun than doing QuickBooks,” he says.

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